What you must known about copyright:


Any owner of photos and merchandise (signed covers / pictures, posters, sheets, ...) are very happy to have them!

If you copy something from my fanpage, so please tell everyone else “Where did you get that” in your credits!


All photos and merchandise (signed covers / pictures, posters, sheets, ...)

which I own are watermarked with my “” logo!

Except vinyl and CD covers which are scanned or photographed by myself.

All other items are marked with credits from where I get it.

(Hope that not forgetting something!)


Date on “release” list:   Year-Month-Day


Shortcuts on “release” list:

7’’ - 7’’ Inch Vinyl

12’’ - 12’’ Inch Vinyl

LP - Longplayer Vinyl

MCD - Maxisingle CompactDisc

CD - Longplayer CompactDisc

L - Limited

Do - Double

Bx - Boxset

DL - Download

CASS - Cassette

VHS - Videocassette

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