18th January 2014 at the ‘Bi Nuu’ in Berlin, Germany

‘Meet and Greet’ with Vince Clarke and Daniel Miller plus DJ Appearance

His first appearance as a DJ was at ‘The Lizard Lounge’ in Dallas, Texas on 18th January 2013

photos: taken from ‘The Lizard Lounge’ website

It was a big dark and smoky room!

Exactly One Year Later ...

Since 20th December 2017 Vince Clarke and Reed Hays

from Reed & Caroline (VeryRecords artist)

are hosting together “The Synthesizer Show”

on MakerParkRadio.NYC

flyer by MakerParkRadio

DJ SET by Vince Clarke and Reed Hays


29th June 2019

Maker Park Radio’s Block Party in Staten Island, New York

DJ Sets in Mexico 2019

photo: taken from ‘Pasaguero’ facebook

photo: taken from ‘Diente de Leon’ facebook

photo: taken from ‘Mixology Fusion Bar’ facebook

15th August in Puebla


16th August in Cabo San Lucas


17th August in Mexico City

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